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Why we are here

Silence Aloud is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing housing, foster care, and advocacy for abused, neglected, and exploited youth.

current CAMPAIGNS 

"The Ripple Effect"

A fundraising and awareness campaign which helps further the mission of Silence Aloud, Inc. in its quest to provide soul centered and revolution services to the youth we serve 

"Shattering the Silence" -

Increases social awareness of the impact and prevalence of the sexual abuse of boys under the age of 18. 

Our team


Ms. Jones brings to the organization over fifteen (15) years of management experience in the housing, economic, community development and redevelopment profession. In addition, Ms. Jones holds a BA degree in Criminal Justice from Chapman University. Over the last 15 years, Ms. Jones has administered over 50 million dollars in federal and state funding from the U.S. Department of HUD, the Environmental Protection Agency, local government General Funds and Redevelopment Agency funds. Ms. Jones has administered grant budgets to social service providers in the target area and monitored activities and compliance for an array of nonprofit organizations serving at risk youth, family, the homeless population, small business, and elderly and disabled individuals. In addition, Ms. Jones has overseen construction and predevelopment loans to nonprofit and for profit multi-family housing developers. Her community engagement, grant writing, federal fiscal monitoring and managerial experience provides Silence Aloud, Inc. with an astute community leader and professional that will propel the organization to attain its mission and goals.





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